List Of Services

Lighting Installations

Add ambiance, style, and security to your home with unique lighting fixtures that everyone will be talking abut. 


Recessed lighting increases the amount of light in a room, while adjustable recessed trim can be aimed at artwork or accent specialty furniture pieces, such as bookcases or antiques.


Need some electrical repair? We do a variety of repairs. Are your lights flickering or not working? Have your outlets stop working? Have you seen some electrical work that does not look safe? 


By having a new ceiling fan installed and running properly, you have a potential of saving up to 30% off your energy bill all year long. 


Electrical heaters are a fantastic solution to staying warm all winter long! Our electrical repair and installation contractors are happy to put in a new system anywhere in your home. 

Spas &
Hot Tubs

PCM Electrical understand the safety is important for our customers and will install electrical power for your new Hot Tub per city/county and NEC requirements.


Ever thought of Wireless switching? Wireless switches are a great for hard to install places like a block wall in older houses or on an island in your kitchen. 


Smoke alarm safety tips Smoke alarms save lives. Almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

Light Strips

With LED strip lighting you can add accent lighting to almost anywhere in your house. LED strips come in a dazzling array of colors to choose from; bright white, daylight, soft white, red, green and blue.

Mono Rail
Light System

Add a stylish and unique fixture that will have your friends and family talking about every time they visit.

New or Upgraded Electrical Service

If you need a new panel upgrade or a sub-panel we would be happy to help.